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Mending Wall

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Robert Frost: Mending Wall Analysis
  Mending Wall by Robert is a poem out of Frost second volume North of Boston (Letricchia).   This poem was written during a period in his life that he had lost his son, his mother, and his daughter   (2) “ Mending Wall” dramatizes the playfully imaginative man who has his world under full control ( Letricchia 3). Mending Wall tells the story about two neighbors with two different opinions about a wall that is set up between their property lines. The wall represents two of the different tales and background of each story line. The neighbors are two completely different people with two completely different backgrounds.   Something is there that doesn’t love a wall, that sends a frozen ground swell under it, And spills the upper boulders in the sun, And makes gaps even two can pass abreast (Letricchia). The narrator feels differently about the wall than the neighbor does. The narrator decides to make the story take place in a mix between freezing and thawing z(Meyer). The narrator doesn’t feel the need to have a wall there, but the neighbor feels like “Good fences make good neighbors”.   He feels good fences make good neighbors because the wall breaks in the winter when it “sends the frozen ground swell under it”.   After the wall breaks, the two neighbors meet up every spring to try and repair the wall. The narrator had an apple orchard and the neighbor had pines trees on his side. While the two repaired the broken wall, they both expressed how they felt about the wall. They had two different opinions about the wall.
    Even though the neighbors feel differently about the wall they both are using the wall for a specific purpose. The narrator is using the wall for his apple orchard and the neighbor is using the wall for his pine trees. Even though Frost feels no need for the fence, him and his neighbor do share similarities. Both the speaker and the neighbor agree on a benefit of the wall because they both spend time...


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