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Wall Street Crash

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Wall Street is known as a worldwide symbol of finance and investment; it has been the location of some of the chief financial institutions of the U.S.A and was recognized as the financial capital of the nation.
The 'Wall Street Crash' began early in the 1920s. America was getting richer and people had spare money to buy stocks and shares. In the late 20s, the prices of shares rose rapidly as speculators, people who bought deeds and sold them later with a higher price for profit, grew wealthier and shares were worth more and more. This economic boom became known as 'The Roaring Twenties'.
On October 24th 1929 everything came to a halt. The prices of stocks and shares started to rapidly decrease and people would be trying to sell them to earn anything they could but if everybody was selling, the shares would become worthless. Everyone would have lost money due to this as businesses would not be making money as none has invested in them and they obviously can’t make money for anyone who has bought a share in their business so everything started to go downhill and this caused “The Depression”.
In 1932 Germany was in deep crisis. The worldwide slump, which
followed the Wall Street crash, it had hit the country very hard.

In 1932 nearly 6 million Germans were out of work. Hitler seemed to have sized his chance during the Wall Street Crash and promised his country to take them out of recession. In 1933 Hitler came to power. Within three years the country seemed confident and wealthy. What exactly had Hitler achieved and how had he done it?
Hitler's main aim was to strengthen Germany. He wanted the “Fatherland” to be strong enough to ignore the wishes of other countries. He had little sympathy for the unemployed but he knew that he must first concentrate on reducing unemployment.
The League of Nations also had problems via the Wall Street Crash as this would cause tension between countries in the League. And countries would put their selves over any other...


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