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Organizational Impact

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Organizational Impact Paper
Jonathan Worth
University of Phoenix
December 17, 2013
Roger Sullivan

Establishing an impact in both the service and manufacturing industries require innovation in very similar, yet completely different ways. In order to be successful, certain aspects must be approached to best market each companies product or service. In the service industry, intangibles are what consumers are purchasing, thus the necessity to bedazzle a customer becomes a bit more important than in the manufacturing market. Two companies based in California that use similar yet personal approaches to innovation and making a good impact are Clark Pest Control, and Ahern International Seeds.

Clark Pest Control is a service company in the termite and pest control industry, a very large market in southern California. They offer services in pest control, termite eradication, and bed bug services. These are the primary services that most any other pest company in California would offer. The minds of the Clark family have worked together innovatively over the last 64 years to put themselves above and beyond the completion. Lawn and tree services, bird exclusion work, and in house rather than sub-contracted repairs are just a few of the major services offered that many other pest companies do not offer. Clark Pest Control is one of the largest family owned companies in the industry in the entire nation, which with the length of time in the industry has set a huge reputation for us, in a good way. The services offered are definitely intangible services. Customers can not see the services provided or control the services purchased. They pay for the service and someone comes to service the property, leaving no evidence of residuals, fumes, odors, and for the most part, eliminates any evidence that the company was even there. So innovation in this service market is extremely important, especially when many services provided are done when customers aren’t even home. So...


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