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Globalization as an aspect of marketing and promoting the growth of the country is becoming a leading component for developing countries. Ways of executing ‘the causes and implications of globalization’ are different and important since each of them has their own characteristics. In the listening material lecturer emphasizes that in today's world one of the ‘key factor’ of the causes is ‘the flight’, as at the present time most of the companies' cooperation, ‘travelling’ are embodied through ‘flights’. Next, not a few important factor is ‘the news and entertainment industry’ and this factor is emphasized as ‘a multi-million industry’. Proceeding from this, lecturer smoothly moves into the main role of ‘the news and entertainment industry’ which facilitates in creating ‘global society: advertising’. Lecturer stresses ‘advertising’ as one of the leading marketing ploy. The last point of ‘the causes of globalization’ which is mentioned by lecturer is ‘politics’. Lecturer states that the majority of governments are so active in creating harmony among nations that it affects the entire world. There are marked some criteria by lecturer such as ‘environment’, ‘crime’ and others, ‘no doubt’ it causes a feeling of one particular culture, but this ‘phenomenon’ does not promise the success in marketing and it all led to the next main part of the lecturer’s speech which is ‘the implications of globalization’. Marketing professionals should first explore the cultural values ​​for forming strategy. Lecturer notes the differences between ‘global and local culture’ as ‘the universal and the particular respectively’. Some examples are listed which determine that every company should start to learn whether he will be accepted by the local community or not. A striking example is the loss of ‘$ 30,000’ by ‘Campbell Soups’ in ‘advertising’; they have not brought the fact that Britain is not familiar with their concept. Such cases can lead to large losses due to the misunderstanding of...


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