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Terrorism with Its Global Impact

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The term terrorism is not new. It is in practice since the known recorded history of the world in one way or the other. The terrorists hate this nomenclature for themselves because they justify are their actions and strategy to fight against operation and injustice. The phrase “one man’s terrorist is an other man’s freedom fighters” is what the terrorist boast to accept. They normally act upon their motto of violence fear and intimidation towards govt. or civil societies in pursuit of their goals that are political religious or ideological.

The term terrorism was first coined by the French revolutionary governments by applying systematic state terror against the population of France in 1790s, killing thousands of peoples.

The heart of every compatriot and Islam loving person weeps when we are labeled as terrorist by the so called civilized nations of the Europe. Whatever claim and Quranic quotation we proffer that we being Muslims are a peace loving nation and our religions strongly teaches us to be peaceful people not only to our brotherhoods but towards the people of the other religions. And as the past history proves we have been following these injunctions of the Quran in letter and sprit.

Unfortunately the freedom struggle by the frustrated elements of some of the countries including Palestinian Arabs after the Arab Israel war in 1967, the war in Vietnam which created a sense of reaction against the govt. of the USA, prevalent war fare in Afghanistan as well as biased American policy and illegal control in Iraq are some of the major factors which have been termed as terrorism by the western lobby with well planned propaganda.

As a matter of fact the term of international came up as serious issue in 1960s and unfortunately our previous rulers did nothing practical to combat the specter of the terrorism-rather it was beefed up either by their vested interest or due to their novice grip on good governance.


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