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Diversity Within Management

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"The world is a big stage in which everyday people are acting to facilitate the successful embrace of diversity and inclusiveness in a world that often struggles to understand cultural differences. Cultural differences are not hindrances to progress but rather a necessary exploration that must take place in leading a global impact in the quest for human equality. There is no way to escape or ignore that diversity exists in the world. Overall, the search for knowledge, truth and a heightened awareness of self must also include a willingness to understand what divides and unites everyday people who are trying to exist in harmony with one another."
( Morgan, A.M, 2009)

According to the International Personnel Mangement Association's Benchmarking Committee, “diversity efforts in the workplace facilitate the exchange of new perspectives, improve problem solving by inviting different ideas, and create a respectful, accepting work environment, all of which make good business sense.” (Reichenberg, N.E. IPMA, 2001)

In the book Beyond Race and Gender, R. Roosevelt Thomas defined managing diversity as “a comprehensive managerial process for developing an environment that works for all employees.” (Roosevelt, R. 1992)  

Diversity refers to any perceived difference among people: age, race, religion, sexual orientation,   profession, geographic origin and lifestyle, tenure with the organisation or position and any other perceived difference.   Diversity is more than equal employment and affirmative action. ( Bandyopadhyay, P. 2007)

Diversity management is ensuring that factors are in place to provide for and encourage the continued development of a diverse workforce by melding these actual and perceived differences among workers to achieve maximum productivity. ( Hazra, G. 2007)   Diversity management involves creating a supportive culture where all employees can be effective. In creating this culture it is important that top management strongly support workplace...


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