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Human Resource

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Human Resource

Marian George

BUS 303

Susanne Elliott

September 27, 2010

Human Resource

Human resource management is an essential part of an organization. Achieving organizational goals and objectives that are set out within the organization is done by planning in hopes of increasing the effectiveness and contributions of the employees within the organization. Human resources are made up of many departments; this paper will discuss a few of the necessary functions of each of those key departments and how they perform together to achieve organizational effectiveness.
Human resource management is designed to work through the people to get things done within the organization. As stated in one source, “People are our most valuable asset” (accel-team.com, 2010) even though human resource is an essential part of the business, many organization use a specialist division to ensure the human resource is performing. With this added asset it ensures no extra money or time is wasted with getting the job done.
Change is a constant amongst us, and with each organization they are forced to change at a rapid paste, even more now than in past times. In order to take in the change process it is imperative that the right people, that possess the ability and qualifications are placed in the right positions to carry out the strategies that are set out through the human resource planning. In past decades, seeing large amounts of changes with the human resource planning was not unusual, searching for people that will fit the job and carry out the duties is both competitive and expensive. Hiring new employees can cause tension and disruptions to existing staff as well as the time needed for the development, knowledge, and experience for the new employees. Through out the whole planning process it is important that the main focus is to keep enough people staffed, and they are

knowledgeable of the products, and their skills are relevant to what the organization...


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