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Am I Paid Fairly- Human Resource and Compensations

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“Am I Paid Fairly?”
Working with optimal motivation requires lots of factors to work in the background. Financial rewards and incentives are regarded as the most important factor that determines the quality of the work, behavior and expected output in a person, is level of motivation. Financial rewards increase the satisfaction level of any individual and groups. However, a vast majority of people are still not satisfied with their income and financial rewards at the end of a given interval. Theorist and management experts have defined this as a serious problem and proposed different measures for individuals as well as organizations to assess, whether the person is actually being underpaid or it is merely a psychological issue.
Expectancy and Equity theory were coined for the same purpose as they are part of motivational and behavioral analysis. According to American Psychological Association, “Equity and expectancy theories are used to predict different performance outcomes of an under-rewarded and underpaid individual. A synthesis of the theories can be as follows: equity performance impacts are dependent upon the potential of performance-output anticipation” (Harder, 460). In this regard, the theories are taken more seriously than ever before with their relation to the performance analysis of the individual as well as groups and organizations.
Victor H.Vroom (1964) is understood to be the father of this theory, who while defining motivation as a mental process of making the best of available choices, came up with the idea of motivation behind decision making and presented this theory. He elaborated the concept by saying, “Individual make estimates of expected results of a given behavior and then makes the best of available choices or in more clearer words, how the choice will help the individual achieve the desired results” (Montana and Charnove, 76).
In short, the theory has three key elements in...


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