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Globalization and Its Impact on Humanity

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Table of Contents
Outline: 3
Abstract: 4
Introduction: 5
Globalization impact on Culture: 5
Globalization impact on Economy: 7
Conclusion: 9
References 11
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Thesis statement: globalization has positively affected various aspects of human life namely: culture, economy and information technology because of improving knowledge and way of living.
  I. Firstly, globalization has positive impact on culture.
  A. To some extent globalization leads to less distinctive cultures, but it does not mean the entire loss of individual culture
  B. People, while adopting other cultures preserve, their own cultures, too.
  II. Economy is another improved component of globalization.
  A. However, there are a number of benefits that a country can get because of the presence of Multinational Corporation.
  B. Multinational Corporations play a vital role in the state revenue as they pay huge amount of taxes to the state.
  III. After all above evidence, it can be argued that globalization has improved the living standard of people, and assisted economy that has truly positive impacts on education systems, job availability, and many other human efforts.

This discussion is evaluating the affects of globalization on some aspects of human life. The whole discussion is focusing on the globalization and its impacts on humanity, including culture and economy. These aspects of human life are mostly evaluated in both sides negative and positive. However, our main focus is on the positive effects of globalization on culture and economy. All the mentioned components are explicitly described and are supported with credible evidence.

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Globalization and Its Impact on Culture, Economy, and Information Technology
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