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Matlab based projects:

Communication Areas:
  * Wireless Communication: Zigbee, Zigbee RF4CE, Mi Wi, Wi Fi, ISM Band RF and Bluetooth etc.
  * Wired Communication: RS232, RS485, CAN, ModBUS, LIN, Ethernet, SPI and  I2C etc
  * Mobile Communication: GSM, GPRS, CDMA.
  * Satellite Communication: GPS

With so many technologies to work with, project options become virtually infinite.

Projects for the Electrical Students are always interesting because most of these projects can be related directly to everyday life. Electrical projects are also significant because most of these projects be it related to machines, or power generation and distribution, are ultimately about better utilization of power, which is the need of the hour globally.

Numerous projects options are available for Electical Engineers to suit the individual preferences of students. Almost all of these projects come with real time working hardware demonstrations. In addition to the core fields Electrical students always have the choice to diversify into electronics related domains also. Thus a combination of core electrical projects and electronics projects enables even more possibilities for Electrical projects.

Digital Signal Processing Projects

  1. Speech processing and filtering using matlab
  2. Real time acquisition of signal and denoising using frequency domain filters.
  3. Music signal analysis
  4. Speech   Recognition system
  5. 3D Audio Rendering
  6. Speech Recognition in Android
  7. Natural Language processing
  8. Beam forming of   Speech signals
  9. Speech Seggregation using ICA
  10.   Multipitch Tracking for noisy and Reverberant speech
  11.   Adaptive echo cancellation
  12. Monaural Speech segregation in reverberant   environment
  13. HMM based Mulipitch tracking for noisy and reverberant speech
  14. Speech segregation based on sound localization
  15. An SVM based classification approach to speech separation

Digital Image...


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