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Ecumenism. What is ecumenism? Ecumenism in a movement promoting unity and cooperation working among the world’s Christian churches. Ecumenism is built and made up of the three Christian groups; the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox. Ecumenism plays a big part in our lives today and today ecumenism is the key of how we practice our religion.

Ecumenism is where Christians come together to agree on decisions about the Christian religion. Ecumenism is also where other Christian groups help each other out. Ecumenism is made up of the Roman Catholic, the protestant which includes, Anglican, Uniting church, Marmon’s, Baptist, Salvation army, Lutheran and Pentecostal, and Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox. All these Christians groups came together to build ecumenism and they all agreed on that ecumenism would have the principle of unity of faith, unity of sacramental life, unity in ministry and unity in mission.

Ecumenism exists today because some didn’t agree on the rules, as once all the Christians where under the Roman Catholic Church. An example of this is the Anglican Church. King Henry VII found this church after he wanted to divorce his wife, as he was not allowed to do that under the Roman Catholic Church. So he created his own church, similar to the catholic church but with some new desire rules. Another example is the Lutheran Church. Martin Luther created this after the Roman Catholic Church was being corrupted.

But if you look in the bible genesis chapter II you will find ecumenism. The people of the Earth came together no matter what race or religion to build the ‘tower of Babel’ to reach the heavens above. Of course at this time there was no churches around but the idea of ecumenism was there.

The idea of ecumenism was becoming more noticeable. Nicolas Ludwig (1700-1760) was the first person to use the expression ‘ecumenical’ through his efforts to unite all the Christians into a group called ‘church of God in the spirit’.



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