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Two Fundamental Goals of the Police Are to Decrease Crime and Improve the Quality of Life for the Citizens.

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Two fundamental goals of the police are to decrease crime and improve the quality of life for citizens. Which of the following is the greatest threat to effectively reaching these goals? Be sure to define terms or concepts your reader may not understand. You must use at least 4 articles / readings from class.

A) Police cultural dimensions, such as machismo and aggressiveness
B) The public's (inaccurate) opinion of policing, resulting in ineffective community policing tactics
C) The true complexity of the job of police officers
D) The possible use of race or location as parts of police decision-making


      Two fundamental goals of the police are to decrease crime and improve the quality of life for the citizens. Unfortunately these goals are difficulty to complete because of many circumstances. One of the biggest threats to the goals of the police is the public’s (inaccurate) opinion of policing which results in ineffective community policing tactics. Through the news, movies and TV shows, the media depicts out who the police are which, in reality is untrue and hinders the reality of police work and their tactics. Even some police officers tend to have inaccurate views of policing and are hesitant to switch their policing styles to community policing.

      To say that the greatest threat for police to effectively decrease crime and improve the quality life for citizens is the inaccurate view of policing, the opinion of the public has to be explained. Most of the public’s view comes from outside sources such as the news, television and movies because many do not have first hand experience in the police job. The media and the realties of police work vary in many different ways. The media depicts the police job in two main ways. First they depict them as violent, quick on the gun and have most of their job including violence such as shootings, car chases and fighting. On the other hand they also depict them as lazy, unintelligent, fat and someone...


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