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Sam I Am

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Sereena olea
  I belive that sam should have custody of lucy,Sam should be reunited with Lucy. He definatly knows what's best for her more then anyone else, and he has shown that he has grown in many many ways despite what any document says. With help he could be just as good of a father as anyone else. After all he has gone through to get her back, he has definatly shown that. Lucy felt most comfortable with Sam, and he had already raised her for 7 years with no problems. If Lucy was adopted by someone else there's a possibility that she would rebel or go down the wrong path. She would always have some anger inside her because she would never forget about how she was taken away from her father.
    Sam was also very responsible with lucy he always made sure that she had her clothes ,shoes,food and ect. There is a part in the movie where he is trying his hardest to find lucy a pair of shoes at the shoe store despite he didnt know what her favorite style was. He would always take her out to eat,to show that he he didnt know how to cook but he always took her out to eat. He also had a job which he tried to get a raise in to make more money for him and lucy.
  He loved lucy so much. Sam would do anything for lucy ans he proved it by never missing a day when he have visitation right. Sam got lucy anything she wanted and he helped her read and would push her constantly to do the best she could and to never stop learning just cause he couldnt. He always wanted the best for her no matter what.Sam also would spend as much time as he possably could he spent all night and all after school with her.When she was born he would even take her to work with him.
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