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  1. The difference between the place values of 7 in the numeral 574873 is:
  a. 0                 b. 7896                   c.96390                               d.69305

  2. The unit’s digit in the product (274*318*577*343) is:
  a. 2                 b.3                     c. 4             d. 5

  3. If the number 42573* is completely divisible by 72, then which of the following number should replace the asterisk?
  a. 4               b. 5                     c.   6                       d. 7

  4. A four digit number divisible by 7 becomes divisible by 3, when 10 is added to it. The largest such number is :
  a. 9987                       b.9989                     c. 9996               d.9947

  5. The greatest number that will divide 187,233 and 279 leaving the same remainder in each case is:
  a. 30             b. 36             c. 46           d. 56

  6. On sports day, if 30 children were made to stand in a column, 16 columns could be formed. If 24 children were made to stand in a column, how many columns could be formed?
  a. 45             b. 20                     c. 22                   d.     29

  7. The number of students in each section of a school is 24. After admitting new students three new section were started. Now, the total number of sections is 16 and there are 21 students in each section. The number of new students admitted is:
  a. 24             b. 14               c. 48               d. 114

  8. Each boy contributed rupees equal to the number of girls and each girl contributed rupees equal to the number of boys in a class of 60 students. If the total contribution thus collected is Rs. 1600, How many boys are there in the class?
  a. 30             b. 25         c. 50             d. data inadequate

  9. Maduri has 85 currency notes in all, some of which are of Rs.100 denominations and the remaining of Rs.50 denomination. The total amount of all these currency notes wa Rs.5000. How much...


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