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For the Freedom of Jhansi

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For The Freedom of Jhansi
After Kalpi the next important fort to defy the British might was Jhansi. 'Surrender my Jhansi? I will not. Let him try to take who dares' - Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi had thrown this challenge. She had put up a heroic resistance. The British led by Sir Hugh Rose, an experienced general, besieged the fort of Jhansi. The fort was pressed hard on all sides. All the points of entrance and exit were blocked. But Lakshmibai could not be cowed down. The twenty-three-year old widow and the handful of her soldiers faced all the dangers of the battle. The goddess of war, Lakshmibai, with her drawn sword, shone above one and all. Sir Hugh Rose, here nemy and the hero of a hundred baffles, called her 'The best and the bravest'.
The news of the heroic resistance by Rani Lakshmibai thrilled Tatia Tope. That proud  
Rani was none other than the playmate of his childhood 'Chabili'. He was filled with joy. But this joy was short-lived. A message came from Jhansi that the fort was in danger. It had been hard pressed by Sir Hugh Rose. The supplies had been cut. Jhansi had no food, no troops and no arms. The fall of Jhansi and the capture of the Rani appeared certain. She had urged Tatia Tope to help her.
Tatia could not resist this appeal. Now the first concern of Tatia Tope was to relieve  
Jhansi. Every moment was precious. He mobilised the army. Tatia marched at the head of a large army of twenty-two thousand. He was on the road to Jhansi, which was crying for help. Tatia kindled fires in the jungle, which told the Rani in advance that he was coming. The people trapped inside had passed many anxious hours. What a relief Tatia's approaching army gave them!
But Jhansi was luckless. Sir Hugh Rose proved quite a match. He gave grim battle.  
Tatia's army suffered a terrible defeat. Tatia fought like a tiger but his army did not  
prove worthy of its master. It could hardly be called an army. It was mostly a collection of cowards who had fled from...


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