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Animal Suffering

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Today, as I’m here writing to you, there are millions of animals suffering around the world, suffering due to experiments being experimented on them, animal dissection, animal abuse and killing them for no particular reason except for our selfish obsession with animal products such as meat and clothing made from their body parts, which is I think extremely disgusting, because how can you wear someone’s flesh on your flesh? That’s just gross, and you can’t kill for such dim-witted behaviour.
First of all, I wish to tackle the subject of animal dissection. Take the example of frogs. Why are we dissecting poor little frogs? If you just sit and think about it, like really think ‘we dissect frogs for learning on how to perform on real humans or to know about their anatomy or whatever’ is such a stupid little reason for torturing a little soul. You don’t perform on humans without giving them some sort of anesthetic, right? So don’t the little frogs that you cut open feel pain? They obviously suffer, due to our selfish reasons. We can get alternatives to this. There are digital options. Many softwares are available for dissecting digitally, and not harming anyone. Sorry, I refuse to refer to animals as an ‘it’ or a thing, for I’m a firm believer that even if it may be wrong English, they are still up to the level of humans and deserve to be labelled as a ‘he’ or a ‘she’.   Just my views.
Now comes experimenting on those animals which is done by companies to test out their products, such as cosmetics. They are also experimented on for Xenotransplantation, Toxicology , Drug testing, making of military defense weapons, injection etc, or just pure research. It sometimes makes me want to cry, the amount of suffering the animals go through, because of selfish humans. Just look up PETA’s website, they are The People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals, you’ll find so many horror inducing videos of animals suffering due to mistreatment, overcrowding in small little cages,...


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