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Ball Mill Information

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Ball mill for the small and medium-sized enterprises to provide new technology power, drying technology of ball mill equipment has the very strong, has been widely recognized in the industry, although the market competition is intense, but in the current economic situation, the ball mill equipment does give the small and medium-sized enterprises are of great economic benefits, creative enough and advantage of technology is the key to attract users to order. Control and reasonable ventilation rate, keep the balance of the amount of air volume and material, air flow directly affects the pressure inside the mill and raw meal fineness. Ball mill equipment ventilation rate according to the ball mill feed rate, when feeding a ventilation should be stable in grinding. Ball mill equipment adjusting ventilation rate, the method of general with ball mill equipment circulation fan power to control the circulation of throttle opening adjusting ventilation in the grinding mill
The amount. Ingredients of low cost, high degree of automation, it is the most used continuous ceramic ball mill porcelain area. Due to the material difficult to grind degree, in order to guarantee the uniformity of slurry, the same to ball grinding mill out all of the slurry into the pit. Initially though go in and out of the material is not exactly the same, but because of conservation of mass, through a mixture of slurry pool into a homogeneous slurry, thus fully meet the requirements of the formula.
How to ensure the reasonable to make separate grinding medium effect on the impact of the material and grinding, ball   grinding   mill slurry particles can satisfy the technological requirements. To satisfy this requirement, mainly from four aspects to consider: the ball mill equipment into the mill feed rate control, hello feed rate is according to the powder to the change of upper and lower air pressure difference of the abrasive layer control, by adjusting the feed feed rate, the pressure difference...


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