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Alleviating Domestic Poverty Through Education

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Alleviating Domestic Poverty through Education
        America was founded on the principles of capitalism and freedom, but what happens when corporate greed and economic exploitation go unchecked? Do we now need freedom from capitalism, and how do we solve the poverty it has caused? 46.2 million American Citizens, about 15% of our population, live in poverty. Park Avenue, one of the world’s wealthiest blocks, is within minutes from some of New York’s poorest ghettos. Wealth inequality is increasing as access to basic services decreases. Obviously, poverty is a glaring issue facing our nation, and solving this issue should be of the highest priority. The first step to fix this problem should be improving our educational system. Education is not a complete panacea but it nonetheless provides its students with more opportunities than any other institution, schools partially remove children from their negative home environment, and adequate education creates a more informed electorate that will help make sure efficient policies are implemented.
Education undisputably fights poverty by opening up economic opportunities to impoverished people. Studies show stark correlations between the amount of income of an individual and their degree of education. The Georgetown   Center for Education and the Workforce shows that college graduates make 84% more money over the course of a lifetime than those with only a high school diploma or less. Although many argue that any increase in the educational level of our citizens would only mean the standards of education in order to be successful raise as well, it is actually a matter of individuals being economically oppressed, due not to personal shortcomings, but to the system’s failure to provide equal opportunity. 80% of high school dropouts make less than thirty thousand dollars a year; when compared to the basic financial need of a family living in rural nebraska (one of the most affordable regions to live in the United States)...


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