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The Working Principle of the Vibrating Screen Is Simple

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Screening is the method of particle swarm optimization according to particle size,specific gravity, electrostatic and magnetic powder properties of separation. Many kinds of screening equipment, in the mineral processing industry commonly used according to the characteristics of their structure and motion, can be divided into fixed screen, cylindrical sieve, plane shaker, vibrating screen, sieve and sieve probability,these devices have different advantages and scope of application. Different from the general principle of sieving equipment, high frequency screen uses high frequency, on the one hand, it can destroy the surface tension of pulp and fine materials high-speed oscillating on the sieve surface. On the other hand, the high frequency screen(high frequency screen manufacturer) can accelerate large density useful minerals and analysis, increase probability of the separation granular material"s contacting with the sieve hole. Thus result in better conditions, and can make the separation granular materials especially the large proportion of the materials and the pulp to be sieve products through sieve hole.Then the motor vibrating screen to be checked for damage, electrical barrier on the voltage is low; vibrating screen sieve surface of the material is piled too much, is it clear; washed maintenance shaker, then appropriate adjustments to increase the eccentric shaft block or vice eccentric position can be solved. Hongxing Company has many special technical designs in high frequency screen. Two vibration motors are installed horizontally. One is installed on the top of the other one. Unbalanced gravity produces rotary effect, makes the screen work stably, embedded screen mesh, easy to install and partial replace our multi-frequency screen adopts unique design, we can get unexpected effect when combined with high-efficiency thickener (deep corn, multi-cone). Large capacity;remarkable technical and economic effect; vibration devices use rubber buffer, suitable...


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