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Marketing of Nike Case

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Discuss the key marketing strategy of Nike
In recent decades, we have witnessed a high performance marketing of Nike which make its brand name is well-known all around the world. My belief is that Nike not only is a marketing-oriented company but also has used 3Ps out of 4Ps marketing mix model effectively, including product, place and promotion. Firstly, when it comes to product, Nike considers its wide range of products as its one of most important marketing tool. In the beginning, Nike only focused on running shoes, but, you see, nowadays, if offers a variety types of shoes, sport apparels and equipment products for all kinds of sports. Moreover, Nike did everything it could to meet its customers’ needs, both from a technological and a design perspective such as Air Jordan, Nike +.
The second key marketing strategy of Nike is to use “pyramid of influence” campaign for promotion. Nike has gotten a number of famous athletes, the great ones in their fields, under contract to serve as brand ambassadors such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James for basketball, Brazilian Soccer Team, Lance Armstrong for cycling, Tiger Woods for Golf…etc. As a result, today people all know the company by its flashy ads and sport celebrities. Furthermore, Nike also sponsor some events at the potential markets, where it wanted to launch into like Europe, China, to get all consumers’ attention about their products. As a consequence, its campaigns and spokespersons have moved beyond advertising into popular expression.
In conclusion, although the marketing strategy of Nike might have some backdraws, however, its great marketing technique has contributed shoe empire a huge success.

Discuss the key point in “Marketing Myopia” article
Theodore Levitt, in his article “Marketing Myopia”, which refers to the short- sighted visions in business, points out the reasons why most of industries become victims of downfall in long run, but none of the reasons being the saturation...


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