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The Effects of Coffee and Aggression

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The Effects of Coffee on Aggression
California State University, Northridge

Anush Danielyan, Psychology Department,
California State University, Northridge
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18111 Nordhoff Street Northridge, CA 91330

The purpose for this study is to investigate whether California State University of Northridge coffee-drinkers are more aggressive than non-coffee drinkers. I specifically collected data from California State University, Northridge students during the afternoon at the coffee shop. I randomly selected twenty participants from all age groups, varying ethnic groups; both males and females. Participants were asked to answer ten survey questions regarding aggression. I specifically designed questions relating to emotional and physiological aggression as oppose to physical aggression. The purpose for the survey questions is to measure whether coffee-drinker are more aggressive than non-coffee-drinkers. Results showed that non coffee-drinkers are more aggressive than coffee-drinkers.

The Effects of Coffee on Aggression
There has been a great number of research conducted in regards cognitive and physiological changes due to caffeine intake (Snel, Lorist, &Tieges, 2004), however; when provoked, the aggression effects on humans can be interpreted in various ways. “Caffeine can elevate physiological arousal, including increased blood pressure, cortisol and epinephrine; especially when provoked” (Zillmann 1983, p.140).   Recent study by (Denson Madi, 2011) show that when subjects consume a placebo they show reduced aggression level when provoked and an increase in the caffeine group. The caffeine expectancies can subject’s aggression level   however, in some cases it could be the provocation itself that can aggravate aggression and caffeine may not have anything to do with it. Aggressive behavior can also vary widely between individuals and mental...


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