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What Quantum Physics Has Done for Us

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What Quantum Physics Has Done For Us
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Table of Contents
Introduction 1
What is Quantum Physics 1
Quantum Physics in Everyday Life 3
Recent Developments in Quantum Physics 4
Founders of Quantum Physics 6
References 8

Quantum physics is a science which determines what happens in our lives, the world around us and substances that are not even visible to the naked eye. This branch of physics is in fact also closely connected to the human mind, our thoughts and feeling and is also interlinked with our spirituality. Many experiments and detailed amounts of research have been done by a variety of scientists during the 20th century and they have precisely discovered what really makes up quantum physics in everyday life.
What is quantum physics?
Quantum physics is the study of how and why energy and matter behave at molecular, nuclear and atomic levels. The word “quantum” derives from the Latin language meaning “how much”. Quantum physics is also based on the quantum theory. The quantum theory is the theory of matter and of very small units of energy and describes the interactions of electromagnetic radiation. The quantum theory breaks down physical things into simple and basic forms.
When talking about quantum physics we know that it is in fact a detailed study of quantum mechanics. First of all, quantum mechanics explains to us how everything in the entire universe has come to exist at both atomic and sub-atomic levels. Matter surrounds us and can neither be created or destroyed in the course of a chemical reaction. All matter is made up of very small particles called atoms and these atoms are indivisible and cannot be broken down into simpler particles. Examples of matter include the things around us such as tables, chairs etc. and on a more deeper level sub-atomic particles such as electrons, protons, neutrons and light.
These sub-atomic particles are minute in...


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