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Plenty Arable Land Is Fundamental for Maize Processing Plant Development

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With the continuous development of China's maize processing plant industry, the development needs a large amount of arable land. This will become a serious threat to the maize processing plant industry. We know that corn is the main raw material of maize processing plant. Reduction of arable land size causes corn planting acreage to reduce and this will affect long-term development of China's maize processing plant directly. Therefore, the state should strive to protect the arable land, to ensure sustainable development of maize processing plant.

While corn planting technology continues to improve, corn production has also been greatly improved, corn deep processing machinery has been rapid development. But these are based on the effective area of arable land . Therefore, only to ensure adequate arable land , in order to truly ensure the sustainable development of corn deep processing machinery industry.

Arable land problem is a problem of great concern to everyone , recently released figures MLR second land survey , digital book area has increased, to the development of corn deep processing machinery has brought a glimmer of hope. However, the actual arable land is so much more than 2 million hectares of arable land , mainly by investigating ways to improve standards and technical impact on the increase of arable land is not to say , but changes in value and, therefore, corn deep-processing machinery in order to long-term development of arable land but also to resolve the problem.

Experts point out that , although the amount of cultivated land has increased, but in order to ensure the development of corn deep processing machinery , arable land or to stick to the red line . Central Rural Work Conference , the central leaders made it clear to the development of corn deep processing machinery enterprises , it is necessary to protect the supply of corn feedstock , arable land is the lifeblood of MAIZE PROCESSING PLANT development of corn deep processing...


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