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Demonstration Speech

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March 2, 2014

Homemade Chex Mix
Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my class that Chex Mix is an easy fun way to make a snack.
Central Idea: By using 12 easy, simple steps.

|LEFT COLUMN               |MIDDLE COLUMN                                                                                       |RIGHT COLUMN           |
|label speech functions     |content of speech                                                                                   |Label physical         |
|                           |use complete sentences                                                                               |behaviors               |

|                           |INTRODUCTION                                                                                         |                       |
|Attention Getter           |I can’t cook by any means. In fact, I only have about 4 easy meals that I can actually cook and the |                       |
|                           |meal not taste terrible. However, this easy snack is really hard to mess up, even for me.           |                       |
|                           |Chex Mix is by far the easiest snack I have ever made before that you actually had to follow certain|                       |
|Reveal Topic               |steps in a certain order just to get it just right.                                                 |(Show bag full of Chex |
|                           |I’m sure most of you like to have get-togethers with some of your friends or family. Or for the     |Mix)                   |
|                           |girls, maybe some of you like to make little meals or snacks like holiday cookies or muffins and     |                       |
|Relevancy                 |take them to someone just as a little gift well homemade Chex Mix is a good idea for that too!       |                       |
|                           |Ever since I was little I was making Chex Mix with my grandpa and would...


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