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Personal and Public Speech Skills

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Throughout life we express ourselves through words.   The way we present

ourselves through speech says a lot about our character.   The way one speaks to others

can jeopardize the amount of respect and trust others have for them.   From the way one

pronounces a word to their posture can affect the way an audience interprets what is being

said.   Personally, I am not confident with my speaking skills at this point.   I would like

my audience to fully comprehend the concepts or facts that I would present to them.   In

order to do so I must improve my speaking skills

I believe that a problem most people, including myself,   have when giving

speeches is facing an audience.   Just looking out to an audience of a mere ten could get

your knees knocking.   I know it is important not to let your audience know that you are

nervous because this could easily make them doubt what you are about to say.   It is

impossible to speak at ease without knowing what you are talking about.   I guess the only

way to ease this overwhelming anxiety when stepping up to the podium would be through

thorough preparation.  

Sometimes when we get up to the podium we feel that the spotlight upon us is just

so unbearable that we tend to rush through our speeches.   I know that this problem has

occurred for me many times.   The reason I end up doing this is because I cannot wait to

get back to my seat.   This is definitely a speech flaw that has to be touched up for me.

How can my audience comprehend a concept I am trying to get across to them if my

speech might as well be in a foreign language?   The whole point of a speech is to get a

message across to an audience or a group of people.   If you speed through a speech and

just mumble, you are not only wasting your own time but your audiences’ as well.  



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