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Fundmentals of Leadership

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Leadership Paper
Mac Anderson says, “Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart, a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference.” I believe that when he says a willing heart, he is expressing that a person will have compassion to oversee the situation and do what they can to try and help out. I further believe that he is saying, they will have a positive attitude and to not be critical or expecting anything in exchange, because of their decisions to be helpful. The outcome that comes from this is, knowing that it made a difference for both people because of the teamwork that was demonstrated.
I have heard of several different forms of leadership approaches and behaviors being mentioned from different instructors all in which asked my opinion of which leadership style or approach I think I am, or feel that I want to be. I have been inspired by different forms of leadership styles/approaches, traits, and behaviors. Some moments were mind-blowing, and others were just knowledge enhancers in my quest to gain full clarity. This is my philosophy of Leadership, and the knowledge that I have gained throughout the Organizational Leadership Program.
Leadership was a word that did not inspire me before this program. The keywords of leadership to me were dominance, control, and evasiveness. Because of these keywords, the influence of it was something I never wanted included in the same title that dealt with me. I knew that I never wanted to dominate anyone because I understood that people have their own opinions, their own set of morals and values, which in the end leads them to make their own decisions.
I believe that if a person tries to control another person while trying to change their thoughts, then they would be eluding themselves of who they actually are. By saying this, I know that I am not a person who would mislead, misjudge, or deceive anyone from them being their own person. This is why I could not call myself a leader...


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