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Music Paper

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Concert Report #3

      On Friday March 29, 2013 I attended the South Beverly Bar and grill hear the Louis Durra Trio perform. Although the concert had a very small audience and no one was dancing it was still very enjoyable because of its cozy setting and atmosphere. The group members of this jazz standard band included Louis Durra who composed and played the piano, Jerry Kalaf who played the drums, and Larry Steen who played the bass.   Majority of the music they preformed were solos, which were played by individual instruments. The trio preformed many songs but a few of them really stood out to me.

      The first song that I thought was remarkable was called “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was” which was composed by Benny Goodman and his orchestra in 1939. This slow and relaxing song was dominated by the piano and aided by the drums and the bass. Although this piece did not have any lyrics the piano was the one telling the story. The louder the piano was played the more the bass and the drums would play giving the song a rhythmic feeling.

      Another piece that caught my attention was called “Solar”, and was composed by Miles Davis in 1954. This song started of with a slow and relaxed tempo and sped up as it progressed. Unlike the previous song play this piece had more of an emotional connection. Its poignant feel illuminated the room and gave the audience a romantic feel.

      My next favorite song called “How To Pack A Suitcase” was composed by Jonathan Bullock in 1936. I enjoyed this piece tremendously because the song focused mainly of the piano, my favorite instrument. This piece was lead by the loud upbeat piano and assisted by the drums and the bass. Although no one else was dancing in the room I couldn’t help to move my head to the beat of the music because of the amazing rhythm of the song. This piece was very unique because the tempo kept changing up which made the song very unpredictable and spontaneous.

      The last song of the night...


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