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The Daily Maintenance Skills of Hammer Crusher

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The hammer crusher, also called the hammer breaker, is used to crush all kinds of medium hard and brittle materials of little-abrasion, whose compressive strength is no more than 100MPa and moisture content less than 15%, such as coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, tile and limestone. It is also used to crush fiber structure, cracked wood of strong elasticity and toughness, paper, or the waste of cracked asbestos cement to recycle the asbestos fiber and so on. Moreover, the hammer crusher can not only be used in the crushing line and the sand making line, but also be used like the cone crusher in the ores dressing line.

As to the daily maintenance of hammer crusher, we should notice many things. In addition to operate it according to the introduction, we also should notice the following questions:

1. Hammer crusher crush the material with the help of high-speed rotation of the hammer. Therefore, the installation of the base and the rotation axis must be strictly stayed on one level. The error of the basic should not more than thousandths of 0.5 mm, the error of the vertical axis vertical should not more than thousandths of 0.1mm.

2. The space between the hammer head and the grid section can be adjusted according to the requirement of the broken size. The requirement of the space adjustment: when the material crushing particle size is 5 mm, the adjustable space is 15-25 mm: when the material crushing particle size is 10 mm, the adjustable space is 10-15 mm. The gap between the grate bars also can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the gasket according to the requirement particle.

3. During the use of hammer crusher, we should regularly check the liner, hammer and grate bars. If necessary, it should be replaced. If the hammer head is worn, we can repair it with the alloy rod. But the surface of the head should keep balance; otherwise it will cause severe vibration because of the imbalance of the equipment.

4. The replacement of the hammer head must...


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