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The Operation and Maintenance Points of Hammer Crusher Machine

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Hammer crusher is a kind of high speed rotating machinery. In order to ensure it normaly work, the operator must be strictly in accordance with the procedures and do equipment maintenance work well.
The key points of operation and inspection
  (1) Before the machine starting and stopping ,it should make contact with the upper and lower process of Hammer crusher and operate corectly according to a parking order .
  (2) The machine should be started after confirming it empty, and we should pay attention to unload materials in the crushing cavity empty to stop.
  (3) We should regularly check that all the anchor bolt and lining board of the equipment have any loose, if there is this phenomenon, it should be timely fastened.
  (4) We should regularly check that hammer and lining board are easy to wear, if find the problem, it should be timely treatment.
  (5) We should often examine lubrication condition to keep the good states of the lubrication system. Rotor bearing temperature should be below 60 ℃, the highest do not exceed 70 ℃, if discover overtemperature should find out the reason, take timely measures to eliminate.
  (6) Keep feed uniformly and don't make the metal debris feeding.
  (7) We should pay attention to check the discharging grain size is in line with the quality requirements, if it does not conform, grate article grate should be changed or adjusted the height of the bracket.

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