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Genetic Testing

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Genetic Testing
The key to the future can be found inside of all of us. It is our DNA. The molecular structure holds many secrets that can and will change every aspect life. With more research of this phenomenon, it can be possible to eradicate the chance of being diagnosed of certain diseases or wipe genetic deficiencies from occurring. Genetic testing should be allowed because of its medical importance, for the improvement of the human race, and for its scientific purpose.
However, many people fear this may lead to modifying the genetic traits and removing the diversity between humans, such as “Designer Babies.” The biggest fear among people is how society will react to these babies. “The technique of altering a fetus's DNA could simply push parents to treat children as a commodity, like a perfect Build-A-Bear, rather than treat them as a gift—one that commands unceasing love regardless of how a child turns out” (“A Big Step”). What it means to be human, may be erased from existence itself with this technology. Without nature choosing the traits, how will offspring be viewed in the eyes of the parents? And with that, will their ability to choose the traits affect how they view the child? “Will our ability to choose our children's biological inheritance lead parents to replace unconditional love with a consumerist mentality that seeks perfection?” (Green). With the allowance of choosing traits will the stride for perfection through traits overtake the natural mindset of humans? Genetic testing is indeed controversial for many reason, some apparent and others more complicated.
With that being said, genetic testing is an import role in the future of medical industry. With better medical knowledge, humans can live longer, better lives. Through the use of genetics and technology, the possibility of medical equipment that makes the current equipment look like play toys is close. “According to the National Institutes of Health [NIH], nanotechnology could create...


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