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Pc vs Mac

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Which is better, PC or Mac? Windows or OSX (Apple operating system)? The debate for this argument has been as long as it has been ferocious. But the simple fact is that PC is better. Everything about PC says that it is better; the customisability of PC gives it a foremost edge over Mac with the variety of machines being released and made greater and more powerful than the range that Mac has to offer. The value for money you get with PCs is great, while Macs are the high-end luxury of the computing world, making you pay for the brand. Whereas PC is cheap, easy to run and operate and you get what you pay for. The games that you can run with a PC vary far and wide whereas the games with a Mac don’t offer much of a variety, with very few titles being released on Mac. The fan base for PC over Mac is considerably larger, with a majority of users preferring PC over Mac; this is due to the easiness of the system, and the security programs that get released to keep the computer in tip top shape, to stop and attack made on their computer from hackers and scammers.

The main difference between PC and Macs is the customisability that PCs give you. From different brands of motherboards, graphic cards, processers and even cooling options, just to name a few. This gives PCs a wide variety of choices from low end low cost machines to high end high powered machines that would still cost less than a Mac. Macs don’t give the opportunity for much customisation. Apple mainly focus on having just set components for their computers (e.g. Same processers, graphic cards and motherboards for each type of computer), having only released a few different types of machines (MacBook, iMac and MacBook Pro) Apple have not been seen giving their users the customisability of PC. PC on the other hand being run more commonly by Microsoft’s OS Windows have released desktop computers, laptops tablets and even smartphones capable of the customisation available to their users. PCs offer so much more in...


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