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Differences and similarities between Mac and PC
In the world of computers, the choice in systems can be very complicated. There need to be a lot of research done, and a lot of options to consider before buying one. While running from store to store in search of an ideal computer for a goof price many may ponder their choices. Everyone has their own opinion on which is better, and there are many fans in each company. There are two main types of home computers: Mac and PC. There are many differences and similarities between the Mac’s and PC’s.
There are a lot of differences between Mac’s and PC’s computers. Macs are typically seen to be more expensive that PCs. This is because Macs are only sold by Apple Computers, whereas PC’s are sold their computers by different companies such as Dell, Acer and Toshiba. A Mac differs from PCs in applications. There are applications that run only on Windows and others that run only on Mac OS X. Many software applications, like Apple iTunes and Microsoft Office, have different versions for both Mac and Windows PC’s. One of the differences between these two companies is size. The PC’s have base and a monitor that is separate from one another, the Mac’s only have one part the base and the monitor combined together in one machine. Another difference between Mac’s and PC’s is gaming. For some, gaming is not very important. The most of computers games have been designed for the PC. Mac systems do not have a variety of games, and also the quality if games better in a PC than in Mac.
Although there are obvious differences, such as the operating systems and software, between the PC and Mac, there are also some basic similarities. Similar to PC’s, Mac’s also have Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Quick time, CD’s and DVD’s. Also newer Mac’s can run Windows; likewise Windows can run Mackintosh. Both of these systems come with preinstalled Games and Help files. The hardware that makes both PC’s and Mac’s is very similar to each other....


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