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Mineral Material Grinding Mill in Mining Industry

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Topics CoveredIntroductionApplication BackgroundSample PreparationInstrumentationMeasurement ProcedureAccurate Calibration ResultsPrecisionConclusionAbout PANalytical IntroductionThis data sheet shows that the Epsilon 3- a high-performance energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is fully capable of analyzing Fe2O3, Al2O3, SiO2, SO3, P2O5, CaO, Mn3O4, MgO, and TiO2 in iron ore samples.Application BackgroundIron ore is mainly used as a raw material in the steel and cement industries. Accurate elemental analysis of iron Rotary dryer used for cement, mine,chemical,coal slime
ore samples plays a very important role in iron ore mine mapping and iron ore pricing. XRF analysis provides a useful tool for classifying and controlling the quality of the iron ore composition.Sample Preparation40 mm diameter beads were prepared by fusing 1 gram iron ore sample material in 10 grams of flux (Li2B4O7). The bead samples were put in standard sample holders and loaded in the Epsilon 3.InstrumentationMeasurements were performed using a PANalytical Epsilon 3 EDXRF spectrometer, equipped with a 30 kV rhodium anode tube, 6 filters, a helium purge facility, a high-resolution silicon drift detector, a spinner and a 10-position removable sample changer.Measurement Procedure11 international certified iron ore standards were used to set up the calibration. Two different measurement conditions were used, each one optimizing the excitation of a group of elements. These measurement conditions are given in Table 1.Figure 1 shows the spectra obtained for light elements in a CRM standard.ElementskVĀµAMeasurement time (s)MediumFilterTi, Mn, Fe, V, Zn14160120AirAl-thinMg, Al, S, P, S, Ca7890180HeliumNoneTable 1. Measurement conditionsFigure 1. The spectrum of a CRM standard obtained with 7 kV showing the excellent resolution and the high sensitivity of the detectorAccurate Calibration ResultsThe calibration plots shown in Figures 2 to 4 demonstrate the good correlation...


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