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Dark Endeavour

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The willingness to have ambitions and to achieve them is a key to successful life. However, having ambitions without measuring the capability can be misleading. Even if confidence urges to reach the ambitions, but not having enough ability to achieve it as expected. As a result, those ambitions can disappoint other people. There are three characters in “This Dark Endeavour” by Kenneth Oppel, which demonstrates the theme of blind ambition they are Father, Elizabeth, and Victor.
To begin with, Mr. Frankenstein, the father of the children in the novel. He sold people a fake gold in order to get money to support family. He says,   “Without the money our family would have failed. I would not have married. You would not exist. I am not proud of it, but it was necessary” (p.228). When he was young, he harmed a very talented mapmaker. He scared if anyone finds his secret. Finally, he fakes gold and sells it to people. In addition, he does not want anyone knows about his secret regarding the fake gold. From the quote, “You must tell no one of this, Victor. You understand?” (P.228), Father frightened that anyone knows about his secret. He convinces Victor that alchemy is just a delusion; he lied that he can transmute lead into gold. “Listen to me, my son. Alchemy is a mirage. You must accept that” (p.228). This quote represents Father that he ascertains Victor by saying that Alchemy is a hallucination. Therefore, Father’s deeds are not wise. When he was young, he sold people a fake gold, then told his son to tell no one about his secret and lastly he convinces Victor by telling him that Alchemy is just a mirage. It’s impossible to convert lead into gold. Since Father’s the one who connects all individuals, Elizabeth also takes actions recklessly.
Elizabeth, a loving, caring and tough girl. She believes what she does is for good. She just want to saves Konrad in any ways. From the book she said, “God is the creator, and anything on this earth is here by his permissions. I...


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