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Parag Khanna Maps the Future of Countries

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Parag Khanna Maps the Future of Countries

Personally, I strongly agree with Khanna with his statements about the future of countries. I believe that in today´s world countries are “invading” other nations by imposing culture, a large number of immigrants and exporting local products into other markets. The example that Khanna gives about China is the best one; this is because the “Asian giant” is invading Mongolia, Eastern Russia and other countries because it is the world’s most populous country. And because of its huge number of immigrants and its economic power, Chinese people now own more than half of Mongolia’s mines and control the economy of Siberia’s agriculture.

In what I don’t agree with Parag Khanna is in the solution proposed to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He establishes that a “bridge” built between Gaza and the West Bank (the two territories in which the Palestinian authority has power) is built. By simply thinking about it, it seems a great idea; but what if we go deeper into the issue, Israel cannot allow that to happen:
First because of a matter of national and international security, I am stating this because if Israel allows a bridge of land to be controlled over Palestine, the weapons that are being illegally introduced into Gaza port are going to have a free pass entry into the West Bank, therefore Iran.
Also because giving the Palestinians a bridge between its two territories means losing a meaningful percentage of land that belongs to Israel. A piece of land that links the southern and northern parts of the country and thousands of people live and transit the area every day. Therefore, Israel is not going to simply hand out the land in order for the Palestinians to divide the country in two. In my personal opinion this is ridiculous.

He states that oil is a crucial factor in which the world is handled today, I believe this is absolutely true due to the fact that countries that are rich in the “black gold” are now in...


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