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Unique System Characters of Fote Metal Crushing Machine

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Raw material prices for machinery industry brings to the enterprise pressure, also made the corresponding adjustment the country industrial policy, make up for market failure, ironing economic shocks, the metal resources effectively configuration. Now the rise of "metal recycling" is for metal crushing machine gains larger policy, we think it is actively cooperate with, all in order to realize the marketing as the goal, stable business market, calmly cope with rising prices of raw materials. At this point source machinery should attach great importance to the innovation of technology, but also to keep the metal breaker, or related to the industry the development of science and technology of high sensitivity, prepared to adjust.Metal crushing equipment has such features as low energy consumption, high output, flexible operation, high operation efficiency and the characteristics of the maintenance cost is low, according to the different needs of users for crushing materials such as crushing particle size, scrap metal, broken after the packing density of requirement, such as targeted tailored for the user. Outstanding design features of metal breaker: The scrap metal crusher adopts multiple protection measures, protection plate almost unbreakable, etc, so as to improve the reliability of equipment operation.Metal crushing machine is fully considered from the design principle of equipment maintenance convenience, the control of smoke spray system, visible pollution is a significant feature of our crusher. Metal breaker can produce oxygen in the water vapor to replace the crusher, reduces the potential safety hazard. Specific humidity type dust removal system operation cost is low, and no subsequent problems of adhesive layer. The simple configuration make the crusher crushing cavity does not need to install the air separator device, so that the production cost is greatly reduced; Simple equipment accessories modular, parts, to ensure that each raw material inspection,...


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