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Qos Improvement in Cellular Network

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The objective of our project is to improve the Quality of service (QoS) in cellular network using CCSM technique. CCSM is a technique which measures the statistics of a cell periodically. The statistics includes call blocking ratio (CBR), signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) and intercell interference (ICI). These parameters are measured in NME (Network management entity) of the cell cluster and then stored as database. NME is proposed in master base station of a cluster. Usually the center cell of a cluster is taken as master cell. The master base station analyses the statistics of all cells in a cluster periodically. The cells are then ranked based on rule based ranking using AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process). The ranking is then communicated to all the cells in a cluster for QoS parameter improvement. Thus by analyzing the cell statistics, QoS parameter such as SINR,CBR,ICI are improved when compared with existing method.
Key words: Qos – CCSM – NME- Master base station- Analytic hierarchy process.
Cellular communication is based on a cellular network. Each transmitter in cellular systems for mobile communications, typically called a base station, covers a certain area called a cell. Aservice coverage area of cellular network is divided intomany small areas which are known as hexagonal cells. Eachcell has one base station which is located in its center. Thebase station (BS) is fixed. Several base stations (BSs) areconnected with a mobile switching center (MSC). The MSC is connected to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) and is the control center for the cellular system, coordinating the actions of the base station. A mobile host can communicate only with the base station in its cell directly. When a mobile host wants to set up a call, it sends a request to its base station in its cell on the control channel. The call can be set up only if a channel is assigned to...


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