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Limestone Crushing Machinery for Sale

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A solid waste disposal technologies of cement kilns.Features and advantages of solid waste disposal in cement kilns.Disposal of solid waste in cement kilns refers to the use of waste in cement production process, to replace a fuel and raw materials through waste, renewable energy and materials from waste. Disposal of solid waste in cement kilns in the cement industry and waste management provides a way better choice. The cement industry is concerned,limestone crushing process you can save fuel and raw materials , to help carry out cost-effective production ; for waste management purposes, such waste recycling methods , without creating a special waste incinerator or waste landfill sites , saving land invest resources and capital. This waste disposal from the ecological, social and economical point of view of waste management has been optimized and is ideal for waste disposal methods .

According to the production process and equipment requirements for the cement industry , disposal of waste in cement kilns has the following characteristics]:
( 1 ) high temperature incineration . Cement kiln material temperature is generally higher than 1450 ℃, the gas temperature is higher than 1750 ℃, even up to higher temperatures . In this high temperature , the waste will be completely decomposed organic matter , removal is generally more than 99.99 %.
( 2 ) to stay for a long time . Waste prolonged stay at high temperature cement kilns , is conducive to complete combustion and decomposition of wastes.
( 3 ) good turbulence . Cement kiln temperature gas and material flow in the opposite direction , turbulence strongly in favor of gas-solid mixing , heat transfer, mass transfer , decomposition, compounds , spread.
( 4 ) basic ambience. Cement kiln waste alkaline material to neutralize the acidic substance is stable salts ( e.g., strong acid to neutralize HCl in the flue gas class ) , is very suitable for the processing of organic waste, especially strong stability...


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