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Behavior Intervention Plan

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University of Phoenix Material

Behavior Intervention Plan

When teachers have difficulty managing a student, the first step is to get the parents or guardians involved. Together, the teacher, the parents or guardians, and the student may work to resolve the issue. This is the first step in documenting a bigger problem with the student’s behavior.

Complete the following document using one of the case studies in the Student Behavior Case Studies simulation located on the student website.

Student: Brittany Age: 6 Sex: Female

Teacher: Mrs. Lucero Grade: 1st

Case Managers (Learning Team Members):
Date: March 17, 2014

Reason for Intervention Plan: Uncontrollable behavior; Student lost interest in previous intervention plan

Student: Brittany

Family Member: Mother & Father

General Educator: Mrs. Lucero

Fact Finding

1. Problem behavior: Define the behavior in observable, measurable, and countable terms, such as topography, event, duration, seriousness, and intensity. Include examples.

  The problem behavior occurs in the classroom when Brittany is asked to work with other students. Brittany may scream, begin to rock back and forth, or will shake her arms and hands at the sides of her body. These severe outbursts have happened four times since the beginning of the year and it is currently January.

2. Setting events: Describe important things happening in the student’s life that may be causing the behavior.

      Brittany’s family moved from South Carolina toward the end of summer, making her a new student. Brittany is also one of four children in the household.
Possible Explanations

3. Identify likely antecedents, or precipitating events, to the behavior.

When Mrs. Lucero asks Brittany to work with another student, she will ignore the teacher. If Mrs. Lucero forces an answer, the problem behavior occurs.
4. Identify likely consequences that may be maintaining the behavior....


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