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E Cigarette Manufacturer

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Tobacco smoke, as a social tool, has been popular hundreds or even thousands of years. But modern science report showed that tobacco contains nicotine and other harmful substances will lead to all kinds of diseases, and even cancer. Therefore, more and more people stop smoking in ostensible, but secretly privately suck on. Quitting smoking may really is a very painful thing, so is there a good way, can satisfy the smokers   Addiction, and does not affect health?The answer is that buy e cig from E cigarette manufacturer - htpp://www.teamgiant.net .

E cigarette developmentat the beginning of the 21st century, According to the statistics, from 2008 to 2012, e cigarettes wholesales rose to $350 million. In the United States, 10 adults at least five people sobbed electronic cigarettes. And more than 12000 adults in the UK, according to a survey conducted in 2013 samples of smokers often self-proclaimed used electric cigarette 24% 11% of the respondents said they used in the past.Now (2014) compared to conventional cigarettes electronic cigarette sales growth speed 2 times, third market product sales of $2.2 billion.

E cigarette, also called "vaping cigarettes" refers to generally contains filling the cartridge nicotine, spices and other power supply equipment, chemical pool but e cigarettes, compared to traditional cigarette has a big more advantage.First of all, it does not contain the nicotine. Such harmful substances, will not cause a harm to human body, completely don't have to worry about health problems.Second, electronic cigarettes have some modelling, the user can the be fond of according to oneself to transform the appearance of electronic cigarette packaging, also has the uniqueness And customize a global limited edition e cigarettes. That's why E cigarette manufacturer rise all over the world.

About the working principle of e cigarettes, actually very simple, will have the tobacco aroma solution through electronic heating, forming the phenomenon of...


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