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Iron Slag Crushing Machine for Sale

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The pump 224 may be of a type that has a number of pistons in it and the line 230 from the pump is connected to most of the pistons. A separate line 244 from the pump may be connected, for example, to one piston and then to a directional control valve 246 to make up for leakage in the lock posts 218. One additional piston may be connected by a line 248 to a directional control valve 250 which operates a selector valve 252. Line 244, after passing through the directional control valve 246, is connected by a line 254 to a supply line 256 which after going through control valve 252 flows to the hydraulic lock posts 218. An accumulator 258 is connected to line 256 beyond valve 252.

A pressure sensitive electrical switch 260 responds to the pressure in line 256 and, in turn, starts or stops the motor 225 by an electrical lead 262. An unloading valve 264 senses the pressure in line 244 by a connection 266 so that at a given pressure it will relieve the pressure in line 168 from the selector valve 232 by a connection 270 which, in turn, returns the hydraulic fluid to the tank.Iron Slag Recycling Machine. A check valve 272 in line 268 prevents the reverse flow of the fluid from line 244. A pressure reducing valve 274 may be set to start and stop the flow of fluid from the hydraulic lock posts 218 at a set point with flow therefrom going through valve 242 to the tank.

A partial unclamp takes place as follows. The lock posts 218 have been initially fully pressured so that the bowl is lifted and clamped. This is done by manual or remote operation of directional control valve 246 so that pressure is supplied through line 230, line 268 and also through line 244 through valve 246, through line 254, line 256, through valve 252 to the lock posts 218. The accumulator 258 will hold the pressure at a certain level and will, to a degree, compensate for lock post leakage. When the bowl is to be adjusted, some of the pressure must be initially relieved in the lock posts 218. The...


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