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Impact Crusher Plays an Essential Part in Vary Industry

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Impact crusher crushes the materials with shock energy. During the operation, rotor spins quickly under the drive of motor, materials are crushed by the apron hammer when materials are conveyed to the area of apron hammer. And then, the materials are threw to the counter device and be crushed again. After that, the materials are rebounded to the area of apron hammer from the impact plate to be crushed again. This progress circle will continue over and over again.There are many reasons that cause the vibration. For example, the unbalanced rotor will cause abnormal vibration. So just adjust the rotor will be fine. Also the over large materials may cause abnormal vibration. At this time, you shocked measure the size of the feeder entrance to make sure materials are not bigger than the standard size. Abnormal vibration may appear with improper basic reasons, so the problem will be dealt by fastening the foundation bolt. The abrasion may change the weight of components that will cause abnormal vibration. So the worn parts shall be changed and a new hammer is also needed. If the rotation of the impact crusher or the cone crusher is too fast, we should glue the main shaft bushing and the main shaft together, and then the body and the main shaft will circle around the eccentric sleeve which will avoid abnormal vibration.Besides, there are other abnormal vibration causes and solutions. If the dear tip clearance is too small, the big and small wheel gears won"t engage perfectly. So the addendum of the big and small wheel gears will intervene each other which will cause abnormal vibration. All you need to do is putting a gasket under the eccentric sleeve. If the transmission shaft bended, change a new one will solve the problem of abnormal vibration of the impact crusher. If the belt wheel of the crusher is quite unbalanced, you can clean the dust on the wheel to avoid abnormal vibration. Another cause of abnormal vibration is that the piled plate or the soil texture is unfit...


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