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2 Ton Coal Fired Boiler Transformation in China

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With China’s upstream electrical grid almost complete (coal plants, hydro-electric plants, and so on), more investment will be directed downstream to the power distribution network that connects city power plants and industrial and residential customers to the grid. More investment will also be put towards connecting distributed energy projects, particularly wind power and photovoltaic power generation (solar panels).
The invention relates to an energy-saving method and an electricity-saving device for the coal-fired 2 ton coal fired boiler. The action-saving device comprises a gas steam transmitting pipeline, a superheater and also a plurality of spray poles. The spray poles are arranged within the air-supply chamber on the boiler; a plurality of small holes are arranged for the spray poles; the little holes are arranged upward toward the coal-burning layer; the spray poles are of the outlet from the superheater through the pipeline or by having a control valve so the pipeline. The action-saving method includes the proceduresthat (1) the steam is led in from your sub-cylinder with the boiler, plus the steam led was imported into the superheater, along with the steam manufactured into 500-800 DEG dry steam; (2) the dry steam is led into the plurality of spray poles arranged in the air supply chamber on the boiler; (3) the dry steam is blown out of your small holes in the spray poles, and mixed and burnt while using coal-firing layer. The power-saving method and the device is relevant to the technical innovation in the existing coal-firing boilers, particularly applicable towards the existing chain boilers and fire generator boilers. And thereby, the energy-saving performance and efficiency are improved.

An electricity efficient coal-fired boiler, which consists of one - gas transmission pipeline, the pipeline of an cylinder linked to the   2 ton coal fired boiler; a superheater, the superheater as coil is set inside   2 ton coal fired boiler combustion chamber,...


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