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The Following Appeared in a Memo from the Vice President of a Food Distribution Company with Food Storage Warehouses in Several Cities. "Recently, We Signed a Contract with the Fly-Away Pest Control Company to Provide

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The argument above is well presented and appears to be relatively sound at first glance because of $20,000 worth of food being damaged by pest when a contract was signed with the Fly-Away Pest Control Company in Palm city whereas, Wintervale had just $10,000 worth food damaged in Buzzoff. However, as much light is shed on the issue and more detailed facts are concerned, it is easy to see that the argument suffers from several grave fallacies in its assumptions and commits a false analogy.
To begin with, as mentioned in the argument the warehouse in Palm City suffered greater losses than Buzzoff. They both had different Pest Control Company. The argument gives the damages value worth but doesn’t give any other information. First of all, the places both might have different conditions. We don’t know whether Palm city is a hot climate area or not or even the amount of rainfall it has. There might be more damages because of the climate of the place which leads to more pests than Wintervale. The arguer gives no information about the climate in both the places.
Secondly, the arguer doesn’t talk about the area of the food distribution company in both the places. The ratio of the area to pest damage in both the cities is also not shown. So, how can the arguer think going back to Buzzoff will save them from more damages? The argument has nothing concrete to support his statement.
In addition, the argument is more weakened by the fact that the arguer is supporting his argument saying Buzzoff has a higher price and will hence help him from more damages. The arguer nowhere says how the pest control of Buzzoff differs from Fly-Ash. It also doesn’t clear any further if Buzzoff has better services even though their prices are not low. If Fly-Ash charges lower doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide its best services. The argument above gives no idea about the differences in both of the company’s services with respect to their price.
Overall, the argument has too many holes with...


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