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Limestone Crushing Machine Used

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The oxide addition imparts to the pre-wetted pigments also an improved dispersibility in the conventional binding agent system and at least has the effect of a steady gloss level, but in most cases results in a gloss increase of the resulting colored product. A further advantage of the pigment compositions of the invention is the possibility to form printing inks, lacquers or coating paints which,limestone mining equipment as compared with pigments that contain only wetting agents, have a lower flow limit (yield point), which is highly desirable for the further processing of the composition.

Another advantage is the acceleration of the drying process in case of printing inks. The three-component pigment compositions of the invention are also highly useful for making colored elastomer or plastic compositions, in which case the better dispersing properties as well as the more uniform and intense coloring are the main advantages. The following examples will illustrate the improvements that can be obtained by the pigment compositions of the invention in regard to color depth, brightness, gloss and flow properties. The illustration is given with reference to the above-described drawings.

This example illustrates the effect of increasing amounts of pyrogenically obtained and coagulated silicon dioxide on the color depth and brightness in printing inks that contain ferrocyan blue, a wetting agent and the pigment composition of the invention, as compared with a printing ink that has been made with a pre-wetted pigment composition formed without an oxide additive. The wetting agent in this case was castor oil 81 and the pigment was Milori blue (type VC 705 E made by the Vossen Corporation of Germany). The compositions of the test specimens are apparent from the following

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