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What Does the Pipe System of Coal Fired Steam Boiler Consist of

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What does the pipe system of coal fired steam boiler consist of
In the process of industrial steam supply, coal fired steam boiler is undoubtedly the most widely used.Previously,we have introduced the advantages of ZG coal fired steam boiler simply,this text will analyze the components constituting the pipe system of coal fired steam boiler in the following sections:
The sub-steam cylinder of coal fired steam boiler
It can stabilize the steam pressure,control and adjust the steam consumption of each branch pipe,its production and installation are same as water separator.
The steam main-pipe of coal fired steam boiler
It is used by coal fired steam boiler to output the steam,the pipe connecting the steam outlet and sub-steam cylinder is called steam main-pipe.
The condensate system of coal fired steam boiler
The condensate system consists of recycling condensation water tank, condensate pump, secondary evaporator, etc.the condensation water tank and water pump should be installed in the lower part outside the steam boiler room,can be also installed in the basement of steam boiler room,which can facilitate the   recovery of condensate.
The water treatment and water supply system
The water treatment and water supply system mainly includes the water supply pump and softened water treatment equipment,they are used to meet the requirement of boiler water supply.
ZG horizontal coal fired steam boilers have got high marks at home and aboard,have been exported to Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Philippine, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Africa, Latin American, etc.The gas fired steam boilers also have many advantages beyond your imagination,pleasure feel free to contact us for more details!

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