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Corporate Sustainability Reporting

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Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Summary of the corporate purpose of a Sustainability Report

The sustainability reporting is to measuring, disclosing and being accountable to both internal and external stakeholders for the progress of the organizations’ sustainable development towards the goal in a practice way. “Sustainability reporting’ is a board term that mix up with some other terms in describing economic, environmental and social impacts reporting. The reporting organization should be represent balance and reasonable from both positive and negative contribution in the sustainability reports. Sustainability reports based on the GRI Reporting Framework which shows the outcome and results of an organization’s commitment, strategy and management approach during the reporting period. The purposes of the report are:

  * Analyze and evaluation the organization’s sustainability performance with respect to legal, norm, codes, performance standards and voluntary initiatives;

  * Discuss and examine the organization’s sustainable development performance influence or being influenced by expectations; and

  * Compare the sustainable development performance between different organizations.

All GRI reporting framework documents are looking for the consensus between stakeholders from different parties. The GRI Reporting Framework is trying to be a framework being accepted by the public which reporting on an organization’s economic, environmental and social performance. It is designed to suitable for all range of organizations.   The general and sector-specific content of GRI Reporting Framework has become a generally accepted framework by a wide range of stakeholders from all over the world to report an organization’s sustainability performance.

The Sustainability Reporting Guidelines include the principles for reporting content and make sure the quality of the reporting information. The standard disclosures made up of performance indicators,...


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