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Papulation Explosion

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population explosion in pakistan

1# introduction.
2# population indicators showing population growth in pakistan:
crude birth rate (CBR)
crude death rate (CDR)
infant mortality rate (IMR)
population growth rate (PGR) 
population density (PD)             
3# population explosion -an emerging problem in pakistan. 
views of the supporters of the statement.
views of the opponents of the statement,
4# causes of population explosion in pakistan,
cultural and religious values 
women backwardness and illiteracy and 
control over IMR & CDR via medical advancement
early marriages and polygamy
remarriages of widows
desire for male child
dismal performance of family planning organizations
5# impacts of population explosion on pakistan
low per capita income and poverty
thin spread of education budget
thin spread of health budget
shortage of food and resources
environmental pollution and deforestation
increase in crime rate
fall in quality of life 
6 # steps taken so far to cater the problem of population explosion.
by the government
by private organizations.
7# challenges to population policy planning in pakistan.
The global financial crisis 
The deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan
8# recommendations to curb population explosion
spread of awareness through media 
role of ulema in convincing people
formulation of effective family planning programms
immediate vicinity of family planning centers
encouragement of delayed marriages
women employment
incentives to small-sized families  .
9 # conclusion.
                            Population problem lies at the heart of Pakistan’s social, economic and political problems.At the time of independence, Pakistan (united Pakistan that included former East Pakistan now Bangladesh) was the 13thmost populous country in the world with a...


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