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Too High Temperature Has Damage to Smooth Roll Crusher

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Crusher and sand making machine are widely adopting the design principle that can make the machine have long life, low energy consumption and convenient operation. Through optimizing the structure and set of accessories of products, we can realize that maximize double roll crusher biggest efficiency in the form of the most economic way. Henan Hongxing has considered equipment maintenance process, the vulnerability of depreciation, noise and other environment protection problems during initial stage of the design of mechanical products.

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For the causes of the above cases, we know that roll crusher price often needs to clean the bearing in the process of using, and also needs to add the new lubricating oil at the same time, to guarantee the normal rotation of the bearing. On the other side, regular maintenance is indispensable, for bearing damage will cause the heating problem.As the more and more strong voice of efficient environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction in China, it is able to drive the market space of sand and gravel aggregate, and the related small crusher, sand making machine equipment to improve, but nowadays, crusher equipment production enterprises take more and more focus on the R&D and production of high efficiency and energy saving and crushing machinery.

Affected by the working principle of the smooth roll crusher, bearing temperature will rise, if this kind of situation often happens, it will result in bearing damage and will jointly affect the rotation of the rotor, which seriously impact crusher’s crushing effect. Bearing belongs to more flexible component of small crusher, and it also needs to lubricate by lubrication at ordinary times. When motor drives the bearing to rotor, bearing bush and shaft neck of bearing will have friction. If of bearing bush and shaft neck appear bigger friction for some reasons and generate a high quantity of heat, the bearing will be hot.



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