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The Four Malpractice of Teeth Roll Crusher

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1. Similar teeth roll crusher product uses the meshing tooth mineral aggregate to crush the mineral aggregate that all are broken into the crushing chamber, mineral aggregate should meet the size requirements of the meshing gear teeth forcibly ejected, which did not reach the true sense of the grading crushing. 
 2. According to the on-site survey, due to no valid grading mechanism, in the case of large  chunk of the small pieces of raw coal crude continuous flow, which will produce a "congestion" phenomena. When the humidity is relatively large, a large number of wet coal paste in the meshing between the teeth will produce the phenomenon of "heavy congestion". 
3. Abroad tooth roll crusher product uses the method to enhance the strength of power transmission components and improve the crushing capacity, power consumption, and high cost.
4. Compared with the fragmentation of the domestic similar product structure, there is the same problem, but also due to the lack of intensity of transmission parts and not enough of the key components of the structure, design parameters optimized low crushing capacity. Currently, there are no suitable in the coal mine, crushing capacity of more than 2500t / h crusher.
Based on the above problem tooth roll crusher, Hongxing developed a new efficient tooth roll crusher, the crusher adopts the the advanced shear principle of "broken materials as well as the grading method, to make up for the inadequency of similar products at home and abroad.
     Hongxing Machinery is a famous professional manufacture of various types of crushing equipment, roasting drying equipment, grinding equipment and other high-tech enterprises of the mineral processing equipment. Hongxing has experienced a long history of development, we have professional technology, we produce the equipment with first-rate quality, on what we depend to win our reputation. Welcome to your coming.


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